Department of Systems Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo.

3-8-1, Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo 153-8902, JAPAN

Welcome to Fujigaki Laboratory

In our laboratory we conduct research on Science & Technology Studies, Science & Technology Policy and Scientometrics. Our laboratory focuses on case studies where science and technology meets the society by applying methodologies of research-on-research, statistical analysis, policy paper analysis and semi-structured analysis.


Subject of Research

prof. Yuko Fujigaki     STS, Science and Technology Policy, Scientometrics.



Subject of Research

D4 Shihong Yu       Public participation and the Governance of science and technology
M2 Qin Gele       The Food security and the Social consciousness
M2 Hideaki Iwahori       Monitoring techniques and privacy
M2 Gu Heng       Science issues in China
M2 Eriko Fukumoto       Science and technical communication in promoting the development of biotechnology
M1 Go Kinoshita       Food problems
M1 Miho Tamei       Ethics and Technology
M1 Yuri Nakao       Information technology and the Copyright law
B4 Takashi Hirase       Succession of Technology when an organization changes


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